maj 20 2015

Xingbang aggregates production line for our infrastructure to a steady stream…

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Xingbang aggregates production line for our infrastructure to a steady stream of conveying the “blood”

The aggregate of infrastructure is the most basic is absolutely indispensable “blood”, the infrastructure on the sand grain size and grain requirements, require a variety of stone at the same time the war xingbang Heavy configuration and efficient, different grain of sand stone production line.������High-grade infrastructure requires a large number of high-quality aggregate, lime powder and used as roadbed, faced with such a large-scale road and bridge construction plan, first-class gravel and lime powder produced gradually become a hot industry, play sand, flour mill equipment needs also showed a significant upward trend.The highway will be built a high-grade industrial band formed in both sides of the road, and to promote and drive the other industrial development.

crusherAs an important basis for initiative measures to support national economic development, highway construction can not only improve the hard investment environment,Rotary dryer but also to promote people to contemplate the concept of change, progress of the central economic and social openness.

crusherJiangxi Province, on the use of foreign investment in Jiangxi cumulative breakthrough of the first $ 5,000,000,ball millCrushing Plant000, a full 23 years.After entering the new century, the total number of the actual into the capital from $ 5,000,000,000 to exceed $ 10 billion three years from $ 10 billion to nearly $ 20 billion less than four years, the use of foreign investment for many years among the forefront of the central region , achieved a historic leap, basic initiative measures to build strength and return is evident.����View of the gradual rising of the voice of the Rise of Central China, the six central provinces to improve the traffic initiative measures as conditions of the premise of “Rise of Central China”, and steadily increased highway investment, highway construction with each passing day, vertical and horizontal extension of the East and West, network development, its mileage increasing rapidly.



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