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The bucket elevator machine discharge requirements and how to calculate

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The bucket elevator machine discharge requirements and how to calculate

Hoist equipment the Zhengzhou xingbang production, bucket elevator equipment and conveyor equipment in the metallurgical, chemical, thermal power, building materials, oil, ports and bulk grain industry bulk material handling system design and equipment manufacturing process has been widely used, the company also accumulated a wealth of experience.Advanced and reasonable selection of design techniques, can provide customers with the best solution.

crusherCurrently, we have mastered more than 500 kinds of bulk materials transport characteristics, and provide technical support for the major domestic design institutes process system design.A bucket hoist discharge: the discharge bucket elevator and productivity impact of the equipment, the requirements for discharge: uniform loading, discharge amount to meet the productivity needs; hopper around to when the material on the drive pulley (sprocket) correctly into the discharge trough,[url=]cone crusher[/url] rather than anti-spill back to the carrier branch or fall into the no-load branch; material thrown unloading process, most of the impact of the head casing; with deep bucket or shallow bucket, material uninstall process does not collision to the front of the hopper.These requirements should be noted that the lifting equipment in the testing and commissioning.Second, the bucket elevator discharge requirements: material from the hopper discharge three types: centrifugal, gravity and hybrid.The bucket elevator what kind of discharge depends on the speed of the drive pulley (sprocket), radius, and the size of the hopper.In order to understand the relationship between them, the first force on the material in the hopper to analyze the situation.How to calculate: isokinetic exercise rise in the hopper in a straight line segment, the material is subject only to the role of gravity mg, hopper around the drive pulley, hopper around the rotation center (drive roller axis) movement of materials by both the role of gravity mg and the centrifugal force mw2r.A joint force of gravity and centrifugal force action line and the roller center vertical lines intersect at one point called the pole p.The pole p to the rotation center distance is called the polar distance h,.Polar distance h the size and the speed of the drive roller, and has nothing to do with the materials and the position of the material.When the drive pulley rotational speed, h is the set value, the location of the pole p fixed.Speed ??n increases, the polar distance h will reduce the ratio of the centrifugal force and gravity on the increase; the contrary, the polar distance h to increase the ratio of the centrifugal force and gravity becomes small.Discharge mode can be judged according to the size of the polar distance h.

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