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Make Slush Puppies From Home

Always wanted to make your own slush puppies from home? I mean who has been to the theme park or cinema and purchased one of these ice flavored drinks,, they are simply amazing. The trouble is though you only usually have them when out and about, wouldn’t it be enjoyable if you could have them frequently? Well you can, there are methods of making these ice cool drinks at home.

One of the home made methods of making a similar ice cold drinks to slush puppies is to get your most favorite flavored drink and a bunch of ice. Instead of putting the drink with the ice traditionally, try crushing up the ice into very small pieces maybe by sticking it in a clear bag and crushing it up until its in very small pieces you can use a spoon to help the crushing, make sure you don’t do it too much or else the ice will melt and become liquid and that will be no use!. One you have crushed the ice simply combine it with your flavored drink and you have a very basic ice flavored drink, a bit like a slush puppie.

Some of the other possibilities involve buying off the shelf products like the Slush Mug, the mug is the same principle as before but is a specially designed cup that aids the process of making formidable slushies! They are approximately 9 GBP ( 15$ ) but they quality is excellent and a very cheap way of making the perfect slushie drinks, just like the famous slush puppies.

Another method is buying a Slushie Maker, these are actual machines that aid you make them perfect slushies, they even use syrup just like the actual slush puppys do so the quality is much better than other made in the home methods, for all that it does come at a price. A Slushie Maker Machine retails approximately 60 GBP ( 90$ ) but the quality is incredible and takes around 25 minutes to make your slushie, the shape of the Slushie Maker machine is very retro too, so will fit perfectly in any new day kitchen! The desirable thing about this Slushie Maker is experimentation, you can make literally numerous kinds of slushie you want cocktails and all! So check it out if you can get one at your nearest store or check out the link below this article.

With summer coming up why don’t you look to buy in a Slushie Maker, they are worth the money and taste delicious. Impress family and friends or if you have kids they will surely love it and tell all their friends about it! give it a try, I am sure you will not be let down,Mulberry Factory Outlet.
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