maj 20 2015

Domestic mining machinery industry needs to improve the core competitiveness

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Domestic mining machinery industry needs to improve the core competitiveness

Mining machinery is closely related to applications and infrastructure, will have a huge market in the future.However, industry believes that the mining machinery in China in general and the international advanced level compared to 15 to 20 years behind most of the source of technology from abroad after the mid-1980s.Less than 80% of the domestic market, the market share of the mining machinery products, most imported products, fine,[url=]Magnetic Separation Process[/url] sharp, and complete sets of strong products, such as Shearer, large and efficient separation equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, the whole section Joint boring machine and other products.

crusher Comrade Deng Xiaoping once pointed out: the science and technology is the primary productive force.Any industry is no exception,Mobile crusher mining machinery in China the lack of technological innovation is a major problem facing our people. Scientific and technological base of the mining machinery industry is not strong, since the reform and opening up the field of mining machinery has been in the market for technology as the main way to improve the level of product technology.Throughout the course of development of the mechanical design of the world, mainly stand-alone product design to the stand-alone product process design and then to the evolution of the process design of the complete sets of equipment.General mining machinery manufacturing in China is only complete stand-alone product design and manufacturing equipment used in process design is done by the professional design institutes, and technology requirements for stand-alone products from the professional design institutes and assist the factory is completed, which resulted in The disconnect between the equipment manufacturer and equipment user departments.Experts believe that in the current mining machinery manufacturing industry, business process design is also relatively weak organizational strength as soon as possible into his new role,[url=]Mobile crusher[/url] in addition to good conditions in their own areas of expertise, should be taken with foreign companies and domestic professional design institutes to establish different forms of joint, including the formation of the Group, the Commonwealth, the introduction of technology, the introduction of talent, approach, and strive to take on a project jointly designed, the first step in a further increase to achieve a win-win situation.The modern enterprise for their core competitiveness and continuous efforts in order to be able to create better prospects. In addition, the experts recommended to establish as soon as possible, to supplement and complete the application laboratories of the advantages of professional, product and manufacturing process and process technologies, applied technology research.The application of research data and databases, will not be able to convince customers to use the company’s products and technology, let alone the application of truly innovative technologies.




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