maj 20 2015

Composite crusher process control required scientific configuration

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Composite crusher process control required scientific configuration

Due to the complexity of the crushing process, to achieve precise control of process parameters in the crushing process is more difficult.

crusherComposite crusher process control is to adjust the crusher to the size of the ore and port of discharge, in order to maintain the rough broken, broken, load balanced between the crushing and the continuity of production, and ultimately reduce production costs and increase economic efficiency .xingbang technician to remind the majority of the crusher equipment manufacturers: composite crusher process control needs of the scientific configuration, a rough design can not rely on subjective judgments.

crusherComposite crusher process control includes the following steps: a sequential control,Magnetic separator crushers and ancillary equipment; metal objects to remove the automatic control, the use of metal detectors to detect metal objects mixed with the ore,[url=]rotary Dryer[/url] and control automatically remove the device, Remove metal objects from the production process; ore bin level of automatic control; 4, sub-ore car automatic control; 5, the load on the crusher and port of discharge control.Control the energy basic principles to follow in order to get the compound crusher, Zhengzhou xingbang, the rate of change of the energy analysis system potential energy in the power equation in the periodic function,[url=]Raymond mill[/url] useless power and rate of change of the system kinetic energy of the itemized and comprehensive analysis, composite crusher process and strive to control the basic principle of the complex laws of science, and mechanical design of energy-saving.



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