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Analysis of the reasons of coarse broken jaw crusher sealing

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Analysis of the reasons of coarse broken jaw crusher sealing

Jaw crusher stone equipment as a high-yield, throughput, and prone to sealing problems.

crusherIn response to the high efficiency, low energy production rules, to Vico Heavy-depth production site, the research analysis of jaw crusher material clogging reason.The discharged material is too slow or discharge port blocking has in the course of the crusher production may make the jaw crusher to discharge materials obstacles.So there is a lot of material to plug in the crushing cavity, making the crusher can not help but stop.Second, rely on the V-belt power transmission to the sheave and then crushed stone crusher production process.When the triangular belt loose will rotate with the sheave without the drive sheave.A lot of material in the crushing chamber can not be crushed, and then plugging in the crushing chamber,Jaw crusherVertical mill did not break out.Third, the jaw crusher eccentric shaft is an important component of the crushing chamber, it needs to continue the rotation to be able to make the broken parts to play a crushing effect.However, when the eccentric shaft adapter bushings loose, could make the eccentric shaft card is dead, but also will not be able to be turned crusher naturally does not work.Crusher motor needs a certain voltage to work properly, if the voltage is too low,crusher even if the motor can turn the power it generates is not enough to crush the stone crushing chamber.At this time, there will be a large number of stone blockage in the crushing chamber, affecting production., When the main bearing damage after the jaw crusher, also will make one of the broken parts can not work, did not break out of a significant quantity of crushed material in the crushing chamber, it will block in whichKnow the reasons for the blockage caused by the broken machine materials, after scientific analysis, can be symptomatic to take measures to repair.Zhengzhou xingbang Machinery Co., Ltd.

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